Energy star appliances will save you money in the long term, even though they may cost more money initially. They are designed to work effectively while using less energy. This is especially important for large appliances that are constantly used throughout the day, like fridges.

These appliances can be incredibly taxing on both electricity bills and the environment. It is very smart to choose energy efficient solutions, in both appliances and building products, when designing or remodelling a property. Making an investment in energy efficiency now is an investment for the future of yourself and your natural environment.

Electricity bills will only be rising in the future, so prevent drastic shocks when you receive your future bills by buying efficient appliances now. Remember that large appliances can last for many years, even decades, so what will your electricity bills be like then?

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But do they actually work?

Yes, energy efficient appliances definitely work. Technology and design is constantly improving, so that appliances can work more efficiently, without draining energy and natural resources. Extra investment is made by companies into manufacturing these appliances, because there is so much consumer demand for them. They will only continue to be improved.

In the United States, there is a government regulated energy rating program, that will guide you in the right direction to purchasing the perfect appliance. Each appliance that is designed to use energy efficiently, will indicate this with a label featuring stars. Walk into any appliance store, and you will easily recognise these labels.

These labels give you the information when you purchase your appliance, to make the right decision for you and your property. You should consider the cost of the appliance when you purchase it, and also the running costs that you will need to pay over the comming years ahead.

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Some purchases need to consider energy efficiency more than others. Some small energy star appliances may hardly use any energy at all, and energy efficiency may be negligible. Do not be tricked by size though, as kettles can use an incredible amount of energy. They are small but also powerful.

While sustainability and energy star appliances do not need to be your only consideration when remodelling your home, they should definitely guide all of your decisions.