Approximately ten percent of your power bill will come from lighting. While you may certainly have more energy-using appliances in your home, lighting costs can certainly be reduced. Using energy efficient light bulbs in your home will save you money, and even increase the comfort of your rooms.

Whether you are choosing light bulbs for a new home, or you are considering placing energy efficient light bulbs in every room of your existing home, you can certainly use them to save money on your electricity bills.

The main design trend around the world at the moment, is sustainability. This means that homeowners are caring for the environment, the community, and also their future finances. Electricity costs will only continue to rise in the future, so planning for a sustainable and energy efficient home at the moment is a smart idea.

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Limit your bulbs

Where possible reduce the use of light bulbs in your home. Using natural light costs nothing, so open up the curtains and blinds and turn off the lights. This is the first and most sensible tip for reducing your electricity bills.

There is also a design trend to add lots of lights into rooms. This is especially common with downlights. Homeowners may believe that the more lights in a room, the better it looks. They like to see a row of lights, because they think that this is an aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, this will consume a lot of energy, and will usually be highly unnecessary for lighting up a room appropriately. Think smart, and only install the number of lights that you need.

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LED lights are excellent

LED lights are most likely the best choice for your home. They can be used in energy efficient light bulbs that last a long time, shine bright, and look great. Christmas lights are even made with LEDs because of these reasons. They are exceptionally safe, and highly functional.

When shopping for energy efficient light bulbs, explore the range of lights that use LED technology. There are many variations available to you, to suit the many lighting needs of your home.