Kitchen Remodeling with Affordability in Mind 

Quality, Eye-Catching, and Inexpensive Kitchen Remodeling Done in an Instant

Are you tired of the way your average, slightly rundown kitchen looks day-in and day-out? Are you sick of watching guests exchange silent glances from the wear and tear of your cupboards and kitchen floors?

We spend hours on end in our kitchens every single day – we should invest in our comfort and satisfaction with their functionality and presentation. It is, after all, the room of family gathering, conversation, and consumption. It doesn’t get that much more intimate than that.

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your home’s kitchen cabinets, or completely remodeling and redoing the entire room, our team of experts adept in the ways of Kitchen Remodeling will assist you in creating a budget that fits your vision for your one-of-a-kind kitchen. Our expert estimators and remodeling professionals will choose the right materials and appliances, and execute the dream you have for your kitchen.

We want to make it easy to transform YOUR great ideas into YOUR reality. You are, after all, the one who will be cooking and serving guests from your new and beautiful kitchen. That’s why we want YOU to love it and come to know it as your relaxing happy place.

At Brewer Home Improvements: we’ve chosen to focus our remodeling skills on delivering the best of the best products to our clients, and we just happen to be obsessed with Kitchen Remodeling. Specialization creates expertise.

Check out the advantages of our focused and streamlined approach:

  • Incomparable turnaround times. We know the reason you’re calling is because something either broke in your kitchen, or you just absolutely cannot stand the sight of the old kitchen you inherited with your home. Both scenarios are frustrating and cause people living in the homes to go crazy after awhile. That’s why, when you call us, we’ll discuss a plan, schedule a date, be in, and be out before you even know we were there at all. We’re just that good.
  • One and done. We mean it – we just need one singular call from you to devise our budget, coordinate a plan, and execute it to finish. You won’t need to worry about a single thing.
  • Job’s done right. You’re probably thinking, well of course it should be done right! But you’d be surprised what people are lurking out there who claim to know Kitchen Remodeling like that back of their hands. Good thing is, we’re the experts when it comes to Kitchen Remodeling, and we love it so much, we can’t wait to take your blank kitchen canvas, and make it come to life right before your very eyes.
  • Affordable for any family. We know that kitchens are the pivotal rooms for any functioning family. Kitchens need to work, feed family members, and stay clean every single day. We know that raising a family isn’t exactly a cheap feat, which is why we make our remodeling prices as competitive as it gets today.
  • High functionality. We’ve all been in those over-the-top kitchens that definitely give off personality, but aren’t exactly functional. You know those kitchens that have conflicting design, where the kitchen door hits the cupboard at an inconvenient angle? We know exactly how to avoid this: through care, precision, and expertise we’ve built up over the years. We’re here to give you your dream kitchen – but we won’t let it be dysfunctional.
  • Modernism. Too many Kitchen Remodeling companies today have thwarted their efforts to join the designs and modernism of kitchen layouts today. Sure, a rustic look is cute in a cabin, and old-fashioned touches make any kitchen eye-catching. We’ve kept up with the design methods and trending layouts of today, and we know how to give your kitchen a modern look, while preserving your desired levels of personality and tradition.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Services

There’s more to comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling than simply switching out cupboards for newer versions. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what we can pack into your kitchen.

Check out our top-notch capabilities:

  • Kitchen Countertop Installation. Do you hate your current dark, underappreciated, and unnoticeable kitchen countertop that came with your apartment? That’s ok! Most people are unsatisfied with the home components they inherit with their newly purchased dwellings. We have a wide variety of minerals and metals you can choose from for an eye-catching and unmistakable kitchen countertop finish. Not sure what kind will look best in your kitchen? We’re the experts, and we know exactly what shines, finishes, and fits the right budget for our clients.
  • Custom Cabinet Installation. Cabinets scream a kitchen’s personality to anyone who walks in the room. They take up the most room in a kitchen, and better be somewhat appealing if you want your kitchen to give off a sophisticated look. Since cabinets are used so frequently, they can wear and tear pretty quickly, taking a cute kitchen from a 10 to a 5 overnight. We have already provided kitchen cabinet samples on our website for you to peruse, as well as a customizable option, enabling you to get a one-of-a-kind and unique cabinet display.
  • Design Services. We know not everyone is Martha Stewart. We know that coordinating design, colors, and aesthetic isn’t exactly something that comes naturally to the whole population. Our team of professionals has been at this for decades, and they know exactly what finishes, paint trims, colors, and minerals pair with corresponding parts. Don’t guess when it comes to the personality of your kitchen. Allow us to make recommendations you’ll never regret.
  • Paint & Molding. A kitchen isn’t a kitchen without that paint and molding finish. Whether you want a darker, earthy feel, or a completely white and copper kitchen pairing, we can give you that ambience with a few simple painting and finishing techniques. Too many people overlook the importance of this step, and settle for a mediocre kitchen display when they can have it all!
  • Resurfaced Flooring. Floors take a beating, there’s no light way to put it. Many home’s entrances are connected to the kitchen, and that means a lot of traction, dirt, and friction is happening on kitchen floors. Additionally, since they’re never carpeted, the wood or tiling takes it all head-on, and it can leave a nasty mark over the years. Don’t be shy about resurfacing your flooring. It’s a necessary evil every homeowner should consider throughout the years. Fresh, enticing tiling and nicely finished wood will give any average kitchen a Food Network look by the end of its completion.
  • Granite & Marble. Our pricing and services can satisfy buyers with all sorts of Kitchen Remodeling dreams in mind. Are you thinking about incorporating a little Granite or Marble into your kitchen, piece by piece over the years, so you can afford it? We’re down with that plan. We want you to move ahead with your kitchen dream, even if it’s a slow one. The good news is, we’ll never be slow about responding or implementing it!
  • Apparatuses & Fixtures. No kitchen is complete without the finished touches that enable its grandiose presentation to be highly functional. We’re equipped to come in, give your kitchen a-180 spin, and still leave it reasonable and functional. How do we do it? Through proper installation of kitchen apparatuses and added fixtures. Not everyone knows how to complement all components of a kitchen like we do.
  • Kitchen Plumbing. Everyone thinks about what kind of Home Style Magazine inspired kitchen sink they want, but not everyone thinks about the functionality of its plumbing. Any sink can look beautiful. But not every sink can come with proper kitchen plumbing that ensures no problems or expensive fixes in the future. When we do our job, we do it from a comprehensive standpoint. Your sink will come with such efficient kitchen plumbing, you’ll never even know it’s taking place.
  • Space-Saving Ideas. For our interested clients with limited kitchen spaces in apartments: we can help you, too! Space isn’t a mandatory requirement when you know how to work every inch of a kitchen like we do. If you’re someone in a tiny apartment, we can give you the gorgeous kitchen presentation of the 6-person family home down the street.

Are you someone who can see yourself in a new and improved kitchen?

We make it easy to transform your great ideas into reality with quality craftsmanship and expert design. It’s our job to provide you with the expertise knowledge you need to make the informed and sustainable kitchen calls you’ve been wondering all these years.

The next time you have a home remodeling project, let us put out the expertise and commitment to work for you.

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