Painting Services Boosting Your Home’s Value

High Quality, Fast, and Unforgettable Interior and Exterior Painting Services with Affordability in Mind

Are you tired of looking at the old, chipped paint lining the walls of your kitchen, basement, and outdoors walls? Have you always intended to call painters to take care of the eyesores you dread to look at every single morning?

No home or apartment is finished without a quality paint job. Too many people consider professional painting to be a luxury addition to their living quarters. We’re here to change your perception, and show you that paint jobs can be done quickly, efficiently, and at incomparably low pricing.

Sound too good to be true? Let’s walk you through our available services, approach to home-painting, and how we can turn your house into an eye-catching gem every person passing by will want to behold.

Speed + Quality

The number one reason people forgo hiring professional interior and exterior painters is because of the time they think it will take. Most people mistakenly think that having their kitchen painted is going to take 2-3 months time, and seriously inconvenience their morning schedule and routine. We’re here to show you otherwise.

Did you know we can have an entire room or outdoor wall painted within a singular day? Our expert staff and painters with decades of experience know how to assess a project, formulate the most efficient completion process, and get it done. Fast.

Here’s why you should consider us if you’re busy, in a rush, and on a budget:

  • We’re competitively priced. We know that every single family dwelling, both inside and out, needs a paint job every couple years. Wear and tear, climates, kids, and moving furniture can take a real toll on the walls of your home, and the first to take the hit is the paint. Paint keeps wall compositions, chemicals, and structures in place and at bay. When paint starts to deteriorate, it exposes what can be harmful chemicals, and overall destroys the presentation of a room. We know all this. That’s why we’ve made our rates competitively priced. Every family needs professional painting services, and we’re happy to provide them. Painting is our passion, and we can’t wait to share it with you.
  • We’re fast. And we mean FAST. We’re not like the lazy one-man-band down the street who tells you they can get the paint job done in 2 months time. We simply don’t allow such a sluggish timeline. Our goal is to service you and all surrounding families with the painting services and renovations they desire. Efficiency is our foundation, and through our coordinated expertise and painting methods, we can have any job, custom or not, done in a few days time.
  • We’re experienced. We have over 50 years of combined painting experience here at our firm. Our painting contractors know how to tackle any residential painting requirement, and are skilled in the art of both indoor and outdoor painting. Too many firms will try to tell you that it’s all the same: they’re lying. Completely different paint, finishes, and techniques need to go into sustainable exterior painting if it’s to withstand the weather. The opposite holds try for indoors. We pride ourselves on sourcing our indoor paint from non-toxic and eco-friendly suppliers whose goal is to make every American home safer and healthier for families.
  • We’re committed to you. We want this to be a seamless, stress-free experience for you. We want you to feel that anytime a piece of paint is damaged or chipped, we’ll pick up that phone and freely discuss with you a proper plan of action for moving forward. From the initial phone call you make to us, we’ll assess the situation amongst our experts, pick out the right colored and composition paint given your room, requirement, and home, and be over ready to complete the task in a matter of days. We know what paint you need, we know what paint looks good in what rooms, and we know how to layer it perfectly so that your house gives off that fresh, newly coated look.

And the list goes on. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we give free estimations in-person and over the phone. Our goal is to service you, the homeowner and consumer, ready to make a change and spruce up your living quarters.

Our Services

There’s a lot more to professional painting than just indoor versus outdoor painting. Paint goes on just about every part of the wall in a home, and can have adverse effects on presentation and preservation depending on how it’s completed. That’s where our decades of experience come into play.

If you’re unsure what kind of painting services your home is in need of, check out our comprehensive and diverse painting services offered 365 days of the year:

  • House Interior Painting. Let’s say you just bought a brand new home or apartment. You just had it built, it has never been lived in, and it’s ready for an entire interior painting job. We know exactly how to survey and coordinate a home wide painting job that will leave you relaxed and satisfied. Allow us to come over for a free estimation. We’ll measure the dimensions, bring the proper painting equipment to keep your new floors clean, and have the precise job done in a matter of days. It’s time for you to feel like you live in a cozy home!
  • Living Room Painting. Living Rooms take quite a beating, especially for bigger families. There’s usually a lot of chair and furniture moving, not to mention children running around, bumping into walls, and scratching them left and right. Living Rooms need paint jobs more frequently than you think, and they can be the major different between a nice, presentable home, and a very lived-in, out a control childcare zoo. We know Living Rooms are where families spend a lot of time, so we’re just to use toxic-free paint that will keep you all safe in the process.
  • Basement Painting. Not everyone has a finished basement, but those of you that do, need to have the painting in top shape to keep the basement from looking like a horror scene. Finished basements are great space opportunities for creating another hangout room, an additional bedroom, or a man cave away from the ruckus upstairs. We’ll come to your house, move our team into the basement, and have the whole job done before you will even notice we were there.
  • Interior Door Painting. If there’s an item in the house that gets beat on the most, it’s probably the doors. They’re swung, hit, run into, and fronted with harsh weather conditions many days of the year. Though this is Interior Door Painting, it’s still important if you want to keep your door color coded with the rest of your home. We know how to paint and finish the trim on all doors so they stay sharp and presentable for guests.
  • Ceiling Painting. We’ve all been there. We accidentally open a soda or shake salad dressing without the cap on. Next thing you know, there’s irreversible stains on the ceiling, and regular families simply don’t have the equipment to take of it. We’re equipped with the materials we need to carefully provide you with a quality ceiling painting job. Too many painting companies take ceiling painting the least seriously, and leave families with a sloppy finished job. Not us.
  • Bathroom Painting. Yes, we know how to put paint next to fixtures that let out a lot of moisture and water. How many of you have ever been in a bathroom that clearly had a rush paint job done? Too many. We take pride in our finished product, and will give you one to be proud of – right in your bathroom.
  • Bedroom Painting. Bedrooms are where individuals get to have a little fun with expression through painting. We’ll work with you on what colors you’d like to see, and how they match with the palette used around the home.
  • Exterior Painting. Exterior Painting is where it gets real. Exterior Paint is the difference between showing off your cute, neighborhood home, and scaring away trick-or-treaters on Halloween from its chipped and decaying look. We have the equipment to safely scale the walls of your home, complete a quality paint job in limited time, and proof it all to withstand Mother Nature’s harshest conditions.

Get Started Today

Surely one of the above categories touched on a part of your home that needs help. It doesn’t just have to be chipped paint, either. We can come in a remedy the messy job someone else left before you moved in.

We care about you, the homeowner.

This is your home. You’re the one who lives in it, and you’re the one who deserves high quality paint jobs that make your home shine.

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