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If you are looking to ditch wasteful regular large houses for a tiny house, you have come to the right place.

Let’s face it; traditional houses have, for long, subjected us to wastefulness, exorbitant mortgages, and a raft of other bad-for-you shortcomings, but micro homes offer a different and more practical approach to comfortable living. They can afford you that minimalist lifestyle while featuring innovative designs and a plethora of amenities you are familiar with.

If you are looking to purchase an already built small house or fancy to have one built for you, we have got what it takes to deliver top-notch small house on time without breaking your bank. Our award-winning team comprises highly trained and fully licensed tiny home building specialists who always strive to offer industry’s best services. Even better, our expert estimators will sit down with you and furnish you with a variety of tiny home plans to make sure that your dream home becomes a reality.

We want to make your switch to small house living hassle-free and effortlessly easy. You are, after all, the one who’ll be spending memorable times, welcoming friends, family, and colleagues to your fabulous tiny home. We want you to love it and make it truly a slice of paradise-on-earth for you and your loved ones. The best thing is, with a little ingenuity and flair of personal touch, your tiny house will be the talk of the town.

For our team of tiny house builders, you are not just another client; we all belong to the formidable tiny house movement that looks to make our planet a fun and more welcoming. That’s why we strive every day to deliver the crème de la crème of building services to our clients throughout the country. Our expertise spans the entire tiny house spectrum – from tiny homes to tiny house on wheels and everything in between. We offer free, accurate estimates, work with you throughout the project, and always ready to answer all your questions.

With our holistic, focused, and streamlined approach, we can build you more than a home.

Why Hop Onto Tiny House Movement Bandwagon?

There’s more to tiny houses than the minimalist, stylish, and practical appeal and look. For starters, it offers you the ultimate opportunity to personalize your home like never before. Here’s a rundown of other special benefits you can gain from small house living.

Your Home on Wheels

Forget about those crappy and cluttered RVs, and say hello to a truly elegant, solid, and fully-equipped home on the go. Here at Brewer Home Improvements, we bring our A-game to tiny house construction so you can have a mobile home that offers everything a traditional home has and more. You will enjoy the convenience and practicality of these tiny houses that’ll not put a hefty dent in your bank account.

No Mortgages, No Worries

We know even the thought of those high-priced mortgages make you cringe. And you should; with the economy still reeling from the aftermath of the recession and unfavorable interest rates, affording mortgages isn’t a walk in the park. The Good thing is, you don’t have to worry about paying mortgages when it comes to tiny houses as they are practically affordable.

Customizable Home like Never Before

There’s nothing rigid about these fabulous abodes. With a huge variety of tiny home plans at your disposal, you can turn yours into virtually anything you desire, from a home office to a decent spot ready for your guests.

Get Back to Basics

If you fancy downsizing your life, a tiny house is truly a slice of heaven for you and your loved ones. With this amazing micro houses, you can pare down and garner items that only matter to you. No more stash of unnecessary clutter. Even better, you will be joining millions of like-minded Americans who has seen and enjoyed the magical allure of small house living.


With a tiny house, you will be enjoying richer lifestyle while being conscious of your environmental impact. An incisive look at the numbers shows that an average American home has surged in size by astounding 61%. That means 33% stream waste, 72% of electricity, and 38% carbon footprint are related to building these houses. By downsizing, you are substantially dialling down these glowing digits.

Why Choose Brewer Home Improvements as Your Preferred Tiny Home Builder?

Unbeatable Delivery Times

Here at Brewer Home Improvements, offering quick and incomparable turnaround times isn’t just another flashy tagline; it’s the staple of what our tiny house building services stands for, and what we strive to achieve every day. We understand that you want not only a top-notch tiny home rife with world-class facilities but also done pronto. Our team works around the clock to make sure that every bit of the project pans out seamlessly and without any hitch. As a tiny house enthusiast, we know that you cannot wait to downsize your life, and we want to breeze through the building process so that you can settle down for a fuller and happier living. When you contact us, we shall arrive ASAP, discuss the plan, budget, make necessary adjustments, and then build you a fantastic tiny house without much hassle on your side,

Incomparable Variety of Tiny House Designs

While the tiny house movement is a burgeoning sector of the housing industry, we have been there since its inception. Our longstanding experience and mastery in all things small homes afford us to come up with the best of the best tiny house designs. Over the years, we have made tweaks here and there, and you can now have exclusive access to our myriad world-class designs that will simply knock your socks off. With so many options to choose from – in both permanent and tiny house on the wheel category, there’s always something that will fit your budget and taste. As if that isn’t good enough, we also work with you to come up with a personalized tiny house design that is best-tailored to your taste and lifestyle. We are that flexible.

With Us, Your Job’s Done Right, the First Time

Let’s be honest; there’s a small group of fly-by-night tiny house builders lurking out there. The good news is that we know myriad tiny house building techniques like the back of our hands. A long line of satisfied customers can attest to our prowess in the field. Here’s the deal: your tiny home project will be done with utmost ingenuity to industry’s highest standards. That’s our guarantee.

High Quality for Less

Pound for pound, we are the most affordable tiny house builders in and around your neighborhood. When you engage us, you’ll discover why we are your friends’ favorite micro home builders. We know the primary reason most people ditch regular homes for tiny houses revolves around ditching hefty mortgages, which is why our building rates are affordable for any family.

Our Tiny House Services

The possibilities are certainly limitless when it comes to our tiny house building services. However, unrelenting expertise and zeal to deliver unrivalled products to our clients afford us to provide the following services:

Tiny House Sale

If you need a readily built high-quality tiny house with a plethora of best-for-you features, then you are in for a treat. We boast a variety of tiny house for sale in our yards across the country. The Good thing is, there’s definitely something that’ll fit perfectly within your needs and budget.

Design Services

We know coordinating design, colors, and aesthetic isn’t exactly something that comes naturally to everyone. Our tiny house designers have many tricks up their sleeves; so allow us to make recommendations, and you will never regret.

Best Tiny House Builders

There’s no question our rates and micro home building services will appeal to your taste and pocket. Are you looking to go down the classic design road? Do you fancy a tiny house with a few features so that you can improve it over time? Done – we are always down with your plan. Even better, we can spruce up some of our existing tiny home designs so we can build you a home that is fresh and enticing.

Are You Someone Who can see Yourself in a Fabulous Tiny House?

With design experts, quality craftsmanship, and uncompromised track record on your side, transitioning into the tiny house movement should be a breeze. It’s our job to provide you with expertise knowledge you need so you can make the right decision, and hire the perfect tiny house builder for your project.

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